Candle Care & Safety

Candle Care Guide - How to get the best performance out of your Kava Candles.

1. Candle Memory. Set your candle memory. To do this, ensure your first burn melt pool reaches the edge of your glass fully. This will set your candle memory and help prevent it from tunnelling. Avoid Drafts to ensure candle burns evenly.

2. Wick Trimming. Wick trimming is important to prevent a large flame, and prevent soot from forming on the glass. Keep wicks properly placed and trimmed. 

3. Never allow the candle flame to come in contact with the side of the glass.

4. Do not use if glass is cracked, chipped or broken.

5. If candle has multiple wicks, they must all be lit every time the candle is used.

6. Never introduce liquids or foreign objects into candle and keep it free of wick trimmings, matches and any flammable materials. If candle has any decorations they MUST be removed prior to burning.

7. If the glass becomes blackened while burning, extinguish candle, allow to cool and clean with a dry paper towel. Ensure which is trimmed upon re-lighting.

8. Do not power burn. Please do not exceed a 4 hour burn time ( 2 hours for 370g Galaxy Candles ). This will burn your candle twice as fast, your candle glass can get dangerously hot.

9. ALWAYS extinguish when 1.5cm of wax is remaining. Disguard the remainder of the candle, DO NOT BURN DRY. You risk the glass cracking and burning any surface that the candle may be on.

10. When not in use, keep candle covered to avoid dust build-up.

11. Use a candle snuffer, or wick dipper to properly extinguish a candle flame. If not available, blow gently and steadily on the flame until it is extinguished.

12. Container candle burn times will vary. Fragrance, colour, burning habits and environmental conditions affect the time a candle will last.


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