Why are some fragrances stronger than others?
We are so glad you asked!
Some fragrances are heavier than others.  A heavy Vanilla Caramel Candle will always smell stronger than a lighter perfume inspired candle.

Fragrances and how we perceive them usually vary according to many different factors, the fragrance style and how the perfumer constructs the fragrance, including the fragrance notes used and their concentration. We personally test each and every blend in our candle range to ensure the strongest scent throw possible for that fragrance.

Did you know?A fragrance we smell in the morning at 9am may be perceived differently between 1pm and 3pm, when our body’s circadian rhythm is at its most sleepy. This is why we often crave a pick me up such as coffee or sugar, as our body’s internal clock and senses slow down. Perfumers will always evaluate fragrances before midday for this reason.

Our mood, level of alertness or the environment in which we smell them can also play a big part in how we experience a fragrance. Our menstrual cycle & stress levels can also effect how we perceive a fragrance 

Some fragrances act like a cloud, building over time in a room and lingering, these are often more powdery, feminine fragrances, that use musk or light sugared candy notes - think perfume inspired candles, or a light beachy vibe. Whilst other fragrances have concentrations of strong, punchy fragrance notes, these vivacious fragrances are lively and outgoing, they demand your attention; fragrances with caramel, sandalwood, citrus and tropical fruity notes fall into this family.