Our K A V A Originals are personally blended and created right here in Sydney by Ivan & I. We use fragrances from a range of Australian Suppliers to create these blends, and personally test + create each blend of fragrance to produce the most unique fragrances. 

Atherton - Fresh Lychees start this fragrance off, with a hit of sweet Peach Nectar,  and the slightest touch of Banana, this represents the sweet aroma in the air. Leaf Green, Jasmine & the softness of Peony Petals gives this scent a fresh touch.

ATLAS - Named ATLAS because it is of this world!
Notes of Sugar Cane, Plum, Peach, and Praline, rounded off with a slight hint of Vanilla & Sandalwood.

Baltic Amber -
  If you like BR540, or Sandalwood & Ambergris ( Inspired By Cloud ), then you’ll be sure to like this! This fragrance is deep, and sensual. Strong and warm featuring notes of amber resin, sandalwood, and vanilla orchid. Light hints of fresh citrus, exotic florals, and musk complete this soothing and rich accord.

Blackberry Bush - Bringing back some old memories of picking fresh blackberries from the side of the road. This fragrance is fruity, fresh and reminiscent.
Notes of Blackberry, Apricot & Fig.

Boho Vibes -  Boho Vibes is inspired by Nag Champa incense. Enticing earthy notes, & sweet warmth opens up a dull space. A fragrance unmistakable and ever so popular.

Blueberry Muffin -  This fragrance smells just like a delicious, sweet Blueberry Muffin. Delicious ripe Blueberries, with hints of vanilla & buttermilk. A light dusting of icing sugar finishes this fragrance off!

ButterscotchLet your inner sweet tooth loose with this fragrance.
Creamy, delicious Butterscotch with notes of Vanilla, Butter & Brown Sugar. A true bakery scent.

Banana SplitSweet ripe Bananas with a drizzle of caramel sauce, and a serving of vanilla bean ice-cream. Perfect for your inner sweet tooth!

Calm -  This fragrance starts off with a soft hint of Chamomile & Vanilla, followed by a slight touch of Lavender Essential Oil to keep it light, fresh & calming. Bergamot & Lavender work together to create a calming space.
Bergamot, Lavender, Vanilla Bean & Chamomile.

Cereal Killer -  Calling all Froot Loops Lovers! This one will take you back, a sweet mix of Lemongrass, zesty citrus with verbena, vanilla & malt… push aside the smashed avocado, go on, you know you want it!

Chocolate Martini - Imagine the aroma of creamy Cocoa Butter & Vanilla Bean, blended with Chocolate Liqueur, Vodka & Baileys. White Chocolate is added for a slightly sweeter touch,  to create the most delicate, decadent , mouth watering Chocolate Martini.

Christmas Cedar - Combining Cedarwood, Pine Fir Needle & Patchouli, this is a true Christmas fragrance.

Cinema Popcorn -  Freshly popped triple butter popcorn, with a sprinkle of extra salt. Giving you that cinema aroma at home 😍

Coffee Date -  Imagine a warm, Indulgent and freshly brewed Coffee with a hint of almond. Rich notes of Caramel, Coffee & Vanilla makes us reminisce of pre rona Coffee Dates.

Coral Reef - This scent combines bergamot, dew drops, cedar wood, lotus flower & musk to create  the perfect blend of fruity, floral, and fresh scents. Imagine a coastal sea breeze mixed with a mild fruity blend! Super fresh, not too sweet, not too floral. Just right.

Cotton Blossom - Imagine breathing in a crisp fresh breeze, in a field of cotton blossoms. This fragrance smells like a fresh load of clean laundry. It contains Bergamot, Soft Woods & White Musk, with a touch of Rice.

Custard Tart -  Smooth, Creamy, Bakery, Spiced, Irresistible. Calling all Custard Tart lovers! This one is for you.Imagine taking a bite out of a freshly baked Custard tart, the custard is perfect, the crust is crumbly....True to its name, this fragrance will give you hits of a creamy Vanilla Custard, & short crust pastry with soft notes of nutmeg. Irresistible

Daydream Island - A playful blend of fresh Juicy Pineapple, Ripe Oranges, and the tartness of Cranberries. Notes of vodka and Peach Schnapps give this fragrance a real hit & its "true to life" cocktail scent.

Enchanted Fairies - A perfect blend of Apple, Citrusy Orange Blossoms, Cranberries, Mulberries & Blackberries.
To complete this fizzy twist, there is a hit of Juicy Strawberry Puree followed by a base of Sweet Vanilla Spun Sugar.

Florence -  Get ready to go on a journey through archways full of beautiful Peach Blossoms, with tiny pink petals in every angel of sight. Imagine this, with a slight breeze filled with the fragrance of fresh Citrusy Orange. Its fresh, and dreamy!

Grape Bubblegum - Just like the childhood bubblegum favourite! A sweet fruity grape aroma. With added berries, a hint of mint and lashings of vanilla this is another one to add to the sweet shop.

Hamilton - Imagine waking up on Hamilton Island to the fresh smell of Fresh Florals and Sweet Fruits. This blend is more beachy, fresh & floral, so its not too sweet. Elderberries and strawberries are intertwined with alyssum, sweet pea and lily of the valley rounded off with a base of Freesia to complete this luxurious blend.

Hideaway Bay Sangria - Like your typical Sangria, this candle is packed with a PUNCH. A gorgeous fruity mix, doused in moscato with top notes of pineapple, strawberry, and orange. This fragrance also has hits of melon, cherry blossom, peach nectar, apples and a little sparkling spritz to top it off and bring it all together.

Honey Honey -  Just like Winnie, we love our honey. Crunchy Honeycomb, bergamot & musk, dripping with Honey! Inspired by one of your favourite Honey Wash Fragrances ;) 

Irish Cream - Scrumptious Blend of  Cocoa, Vanilla, and Premium Irish Whiskey. A Mellow, Smooth Mix. All Aroma, No Hangover.

Island Fruits - This fragrance is a medley, of Melon, Mango, Papaya and Coconut. Giving you tropical island vibes 🌴 Super Strong, Super Fruity, Super Sweet. 

Jam DonutWhat could be better than a sweet fried doughnut? A rich, buttery fried dough, oozing with strawberry jam and added notes of vanilla sugar, raspberry & buttermilk. A delicious Jam Donut / Doughnut!

Kakadu Plum -   Kakadu Plum brings the beautiful fragrances of the Australian outdoors, inside.  This is a fruity and herbaceous botanical fragrance that is sure to please a crowd. Notes of Passionfruit, Violet & Guava.

Strawberry Daiquiri - Strawberry Daiquiri is a fresh, sweet & tart composition that blends juicy plump sweet Strawberries with freshly picked Limes. There is  a touch of  white rum, and the slightest hint of kiwi to bring some tart to the recipe. It is a beautiful sweet & tangy fragrance.

Lychee Delight - Sweet, vibrant and fresh, with lychee fruit and mixed berries balanced with a fruit burst of guava sorbet, lime peel and vanilla.

Maple Glazed Bacon - Imagine waking up in the morning to the sweet aroma of Smoked Bacon, Maple Syrup & a slight soft touch of Vanilla Extract. Sweet, Savoury, Smokey. 

Marshmallow Fluff - This sweet scent is a super playful mix of Marshmallow, Vanilla, & Musk. Followed by a light dusting of powdered sugar.

Mint Truffle - Decadent, Crisp, Fresh, Smooth. The perfect winter fragrance, and a personal favourite. A tantalising blend of milk chocolate truffles with the slightest hint of refreshing mint bring them to life. Freshly shaved Dark Chocolate finishes them off. A real guilty pleasure. If you like Mint Slice Biscuits, or any Chocolate/Mint combo, you're sure to love this!

Mimosa - Sparkly, fun, uplifting fragrance. The top notes are of mandarin orange and pink grapefruit. The middle notes are made up of a fruity yet floral bouquet with lilac, apple, jasmine, sweet mimosa & plum. The bottom notes are sweet raspberry mixed with vanilla. 

Malibu Splice - Like the classic Malibu Splice, this invigorating tropical scent consists of Coconut, Lime & Pineapple with a hint of warm vanilla and amber. All finished on a lush base of Sweet Orange, Lemon, and Mandarin.

Nerds -  Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with this fragrance!Grape & Strawberry intertwine to create a Sweet, Tangy, almost Crunchy aroma. This fragrance is sure to remind you of those childhood lollies!

Netflix & Chill -  We all know what Netflix & Chill entails…. Choc Tops and Popcorn of course! This fragrance starts off with notes of Creamy Chocolate Coated Ice Cream, followed by a drizzle of Butterscotch, and a decadent coating of Chocolate. It is finished off with a savoury hit of triple butter popcorn & a hint of salt. Date night overload!

Noosa Getaway - Imagine waking up on beautiful morning in Noosa.  It’s the start of your getaway  you’re feeling fresh, and vibrant.
You go to a cafe along the beach, and order their fruit salad that is  full of berries, melons, grapes, pistachios followed by a dollop of locally made yoghurt, and a drizzle of honey. It’s Light, Fresh & Wholesome

Pina Colada - 
If you like piña coladas, And gettin' caught in the rain …. No really, do you like Pina Coladas? If so this one’s for you! Lime, Pineapple & Coconut with a hit of Rum!

Pineapple Nectar -  Sweet, Zingy, Tangy, Fruity. Mouth Watering. A new favourite! Sweet, tangy goodness. Picture taking a bite into a piece of fresh pineapple. That first, mouth watering sour bite.... Exactly as it sounds, this fragrance will fill your house with the aroma of a beautiful, tangy, Pineapple Nectar zing!

Pink Lemonade - A fizzy summertime blend. Lemon zest, grapefruit and strawberry with a sparkling wine twist.

Rendezvous -  Soft, Sensual, Fresh, Flirty. This fragrance is for those with a wild side. A secret Rendezvous in beautiful Paris.... Or your house. To start with, this fragrance will ease you into it, with notes of Neroli & Sugar Cane. Once it has sweetened you up it's time to get down, dirty & serious... It finishes off with notes of Amber, Vanilla, Musk.

Rockmelon - This melon fragrance is officially our FAVOURITE melon fragrance. It smells like a fresh rock melon cut open, so fresh and delicious. This fruity aroma contains Tuscan Melons, Honeydew, Fresh Apricot, a hint of Green Apple & Honey & more. A mouth watering combination!

Rose Jam - Simple, Sweet & Succulent. Damask Roses, Goji Berries, Geranium, Lemon and Tonka Bean.

Santa's Cookie - Imagine the scent of hot sugar cookies baking away in the oven, with the ooziest vanilla, melted butter & brown sugar fragrances combined.This fragrance has hits of Melted Butter, Brown Sugar, Madagascar Vanilla, and a hint of Lemon Zest to bring it all together. Its a perfect treat for Santa… 

Seaside Blossom - Tranquil, Clean, Crisp, Fresh Feeling stuffy inside? Need something fresh? Feeling a deep clean? This is the fragrance for you!

An elegant blend of Driftwood, Freesia & Orchid start this fragrance off. It then rests on a base of Vanilla Blossom & Tonka Bean. Seaside Blossom can throw off a tranquil Day Spa style fragrance, or a fresh beach side fragrance depending on the mood & time of day.

Spiced Honeycomb -  Smooth, Warm, Cosy, Spiced. Crunchy Honeycomb with a little warmth to it .Picture smooth, silky honey filling each little cell in raw honeycomb. Add a little hint of cinnamon & rosewater. A stunning Autumn/Winter fragrance.

Star FruitWatery fresh notes of starfruit and melon blend with vanilla orchid and mango nectar. Nestled within the exotic embrace of starfruit, mango nectar & melon, followed by a touch of elegant hibiscus & vanilla orchid, you are lulled by the fresh sweetness of this fragrance. This surprising exotic creation is a reminder of tropical morning vibes.

Strawberry Milk -  Just like a Strawberry Milkshake! A big hit of Strawberry & Vanilla blitzed together to make a nice, smooth milkshake fragrance!  Simple & straight forward.

Susan River - Imagine the fresh air, & aromas whilst camping.

This fragrance is a super fresh aroma. It starts with a touch of Fresh Honey, It then brings in different notes of florals such as Sweet Rose, Banskia, & fresh Boronia. Followed up by woodsy notes to round it off.

Sweet Strawberry & Blackberry Leaf -  Our Sweet Strawberry and Blackberry Leaf fragrance will have you wandering through fields of sweet strawberries,  peonies and jasmine, all sweetened with sugared violets, fuji apple and blackberry leaves. Nesting on a base of vanilla Bean and precious woods such as sandalwood, this bright yet soft fragrance beckons cool nights and crisp mornings.
Turkish Delight - Just like opening a fresh box of soft, fluffy Turkish Delight coated in a light dusting of Icing Sugar. Rosewater, Lemon & Vanilla Bean  start this fragrance off, with hits of Rhubarb, Jasmine Petals, Musk,  Sugar, and Malt.

Vanilla Bourbon -  Tonka Bean, Madagascar Vanilla & Golden Malt with hints of Amber  & Musk. This fragrance is a show stopper. It is cozy and warm, and will give you that hit of Kentucky Bourbon.

Vanilla & Sea Salt CaramelEnriched with sweet and salty buttery caramel, this scent is balanced perfectly with rich, creamy vanilla, coconut and tonka bean.

Whitehaven Beach - This beautifully blended fragrance, is a sweet, fresh and uplifting mix. Whitehaven Beach combines Brazilian Orange, Pineapple Nectar, Apple Blossom & Crystallised Amber, to create what reminds us of the fresh feeling of Whitehaven Beach, the fresh ocean air mixed with beautiful florals. The smell of a Fresh Fruit Salad rounds this fragrance off. This fragrance brings back the most gorgeous memories

Whitsunday Dream - Sweet, Fresh & Homey Vibes
Mimosa & Green Apple
Fruity mingling touches of Green Apple & Peach, muddled with Leafy Greens. A touch of Pink Lady Apples, rounding out with Gardenia, Lemon Jasmine, & Rosewood.